My Name is Curtis

Hair is not just a job for me. It's a passion. It's always been at the front of what I do and see. My interest for hair color started in the first grade when another kid in my class had the blessing of a cap frost. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The closest I could get was lemon juice and sun in my household. Fast forward to begging my mother to letting me color my hair black, and finding out of the wonderful tool called a hair straightener in middle school - I was hooked on the ability to change the hair.

I started my hair education in 2011, graduating and finding my first ever job with Regis Salons in 2012. After 2 Years with the salon I was began managing the salon, and after another year was selected to become an Artistic Director for the company. This was a full time position in education. After Two and a half years of traveling and providing 6 hour education classes to salons all over the united states full time I decided I missed being behind the chair. It was time I focused on rebuilding my career through social media, and started getting serious with my Instagram and portfolio.

For my 25th Birthday I gave the best gift to myself I could have ever recieved; investing in my self by creating my own business in hair. I took the plunge into starting booth renting and now here I am. Loving every minute of helping guests look and feel their best, while providing the services and products my guests need.

My favorite services are anything with color. My goal is to ensure my guests feel their best and love their hair!