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My Name is Curtis
Hair is not just a job for me. It's a passion.

It's always been at the forefront of what I do and see. 
Theres a home recorded VHS of me sitting in a highchair getting one of my first few haircuts. I was completely still, with one key thing - The biggest smile a little face could manage. Seeing the hair leaving the shears and fall softly to the ground brought me joy.

I remember the first time I ever got to change my haircolor. I was 6 years old and my sisters had put lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to spray on eachothers hair and sit in the sun. I was fascinated at the change and loved it. After starting school in the fall of first grade another kid in my class had the blessing of his mother giving him cap frost and one length clipper cut. It resulted in a spotty speckled orange yellow and black creation. To me it resembled a disco ball. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and wished so much I could bleach my hair like that, or any of the popstars of the 90's. Fast forward to begging my mother to let me color my hair black, and finding out of the wonderful tool called a hair straightener in middle school - I was always in love with the ability to change hair.

By the time I was 13, hair had become part of my own identity. It was my favorite part of getting ready and how I looked. Before the age of smartphones, when you went to a salon you had hairstyle books as references to show your hairdresser. At this time, the "emo" style had not been integrated into the often outdated books. Not knowing how to adequately describe what I was looking for (a full jagged side bang into extreme sideswept bangs to one side) I ended up with a boxy square faux sideburn and heavy blunt bang in the face. I don't know exactly how long I walked around with that haircut before a friends sister demanded I let her fix my hair. After taking the shears to my head in a fashion my memory resembles like a scene out of edward scissorhands, I was inspired by this idea of slide and point cutting I had never seen before. From this point on I started cutting my own hair as well as friends with razors and scissors of my own. 

I started my hair education in 2011, graduating and finding my first ever job with Regis Salons in 2012. After 2 Years with the salon I took over as manager, and after a year of increasing sales, staff, and guest retention of the salon I was selected to train to become an Artistic Director for the company. Originally expecting a part time position of education for a week once a month, I was asked to go full time. After Two and a half years of traveling and providing 6 hour education classes to salons all over the united states full time I decided I missed being behind the chair. It was time I focused on rebuilding my career through social media, and started getting serious with my Instagram and portfolio.

I consider the first serious hair photo post to be march 1st of 2017. Within a month, I posted the shot that would be nominated for my first BTC oneshot award. Thanks to social media I was able to reach new guests, new followers, and gain notice of brands I both utilized with every guest, and amazing ones I had yet to try! Instagram, hair, and photography would end up taking me all over the state, country, and ultimately the world.

For my 25th Birthday I gave the best gift to myself I could have ever recieved; investing in my skills and going into business for myself. I took the plunge into booth renting and now here I am. Loving every minute of helping guests look and feel their best, while creating art that truly brings me joy.

My mission in being behind the chair is this:
The health and integrity of every haircolor is always taken into account and respected- Never skipping corners that sacrifice this as each and every strand of hair is important.

Customized color for each individual guest- in the same way one size is not correct for everyone, one color is also not correct. Every guest deserves their own color to help them look and feel their best.

The comfortability, happiness, and acceptance of anyone who steps foot in my salon. A safe place for discussion, laughter, and friendship.

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